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Custom gates are an essential part of effective fencing. The gates you install should match your fencing, as well as suit your needs. Choosing the right type of gate for your needs can be difficult – should you go for decorative, practical, or low-maintenance? Like fences, gates come in a variety of materials. Wooden gates can be painted, treated, or untreated; wrought iron gates can be both decorative and functional. Chain link wire gates are practical and lightweight. Vinyl gates are low-maintenance and long-lasting.

Gates come in two basic types. They can be swinging gates or sliding gates. Both types can be single or double. Gates for construction and storage sites can also be automated.

Like fences, gates keep your property secure. Anyone who has ever lived or worked on a farm understands the importance of gates: they are essential to the safety of your horses and livestock. They can, however, also be ornamental, and like fences, they add value to your property.

Whether your needs are residential, commercial, agricultural, or construction- or event-related, professionally installed custom gates will ensure that your work and life proceed smoothly.

We are industry experts in designing and installing custom gates. Our staff can help you design the right fence and gate combination for your needs, offer estimates, and set up an appointment to get you started.